Sunday 29th Jan 2023
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President Nasheed

Nasheed Warns of State Failure If MMPRC Case Not Properly Investigated

Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has warned that the state would fail if the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) scandal was not properly investigated.
In a tweet he posted this morning, he pointed out that he had previously requested that foreign forensic auditors be contracted to investigate the MMPRC scandal. His tweet could be construed as a criticism of the government's treatment of the MMPRC investigation.
He warned that if the case was not properly investigated and if people were not prosecuted, the state would fail.
The MMPRC investigation has not made significant progress in the past 3 years. Several parliamentarians have openly gone against several government bodies that have engaged in the investigation of the MMPRC case. Some people who had been suspected of benefiting from corrupt money have been taken to court; most recently, Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof is currently standing trial for corruption charges.
The prime suspects of the MMPRC case are its former Managing Director Abdullah Ziyath and former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb.