Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Imthiyaz Fahmy

MDP Divided by Possibly Irreparable Ideological Rifts: Imthiyaz

MP Imthiyaz “Inthi” Fahmy (MDP - Maafannu North) has stated that there existed huge ideological divisions within the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) which could possibly not be repaired.
Speaking to SanguTV, Inthi said that differences of opinion were expected in a political party, and especially one such as the MDP which was a “democratic political party”.
He said that most of the divisions could be repaired, but it was not always possible; and sometimes lead to the worsening of the problem. Some problems could, by their very nature, negativity affect the party itself; these problems needed to be solved, he said.
He said that the MDP also suffered from such problems, and he said that many such problems could be solved with hard work. He said that he would take the MDP in that direction after becoming its Chairperson.
He said that as Chairperson, he would reconcile the party’s internal divisions and unify the party. He said that he would bring hope back to people who had lost hope in the MDP.
Inthi said that he wished to return the MDP to its core, foundational principles