Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Nasheed faction congratulates Fayyaz

Members of the faction aligned with former President Mohamed Nasheed has congratulated Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail for winning Saturday’s internal elections of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had backed Minister Fayyaz for the slot, while former President Mohamed Nasheed backed MP Imthiyaz. This had led to speculation that this was a showdown of the two Presidents.
The congratulations came almost 24 hours after the elections concluded. In a tweet posted, President Nasheed had congratulated chairperson-elect Minister Fayyaz. He added that he was sure that MDP would reach new heights under Minister Fayyaz.
The elections took place amid significant allegations and accusations thrown at both factions from the other. Nasheed and MP Imthiyaz’s faction had accused Minister Fayyaz’s faction of abusing state resources, including job offers, to drum up votes.
MP Imthiyaz also tweeted his congratulations, adding his thanks to all who had voted for him. He assured that he intended to remain in MDP and work towards upholding the values and principles he had ascribed by.
MDP’s ex-PG leader Ali Azim, Madaveli Constituency MP Hussain Firushan, Thoddoo Constituency MP Hassan Shiyan, Inguraidhoo Constituency MP Hassan Ahmed, and Velidhoo Constituency MP Mohamed Abdullah Shafeeq, as well as South Galolhu MP Meekail Ahmed Naseem also extended their congratulations. All of them had backed Imthiyaz.
In his tweet, Mohamed Abdullah Shafeeq wished for ‘a brighter future for MDP’,
Fayyaz won 58 percent of the vote, while Imthiyaz won 42 percent of votes.
While the elections are over, some are still alleging foul play from the Fayyaz camp. Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed continued to stress that while the whole of the state had supported Fayyaz campaign efforts, Imthiyaz was more successful in key areas of Male’. Imthiyaz took 12 out of 15 areas of Male’.
Speaking to press amid celebrations, Minister Fayyaz was quick to assure that in spite of factions MDP was more than capable of aligning together. He indicated that MDP had seen their fair share of heavily contested elections and that this was no exception. Fayyaz added that he had no ill will towards anyone from the opposing faction and that would gladly work with President Nasheed.