Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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President Yameen

The Maldives Is Being Run By The Indian Embassy: Yameen

Opposition leader, former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has said that everything in the Maldives is being decided today by the Indian High Commission to the Maldives.
Visiting Funadhoo (Shaviyani Atoll) to raise support for the grassroots "India Out" movement that he and the opposition movement had adopted, he said that the presence of Indian soldiers in the Maldives posed a difficulty to the Maldivian people, especially those who lived in the islands where soldiers were based.
Especially, he pointed out, the people of Hanimaadhoo faced many difficulties as a result of the Indian military presence. The former President said that the current state of affairs was such that the Maldives being run by the Indian embassy.
The Maldivian people did not face difficulties just because of the presence of the military, but because of India's meddling in the internal affairs of the country. As an example, the former President accused the Indian government of being behind the 1 February 2018 "judicial coup" attempt launched by the Supreme Court against him.