Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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President Yameen's Court Case

Yameen Requests Aarah Court Case Be Broadcast Live, Prosecution Does Not Object

Opposition leader and former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has requested that the Criminal Court trial of the case made by the State against him with regards to the leasing of Aarah (Vaavu Atoll) be broadcast live.
The former President's legal team requested the Court during today's hearing that the court proceedings be broadcast live.
Although the prosecution did not object to the defence's request; Yusuf Naseem, one of the co-defendants, had raised an objection to it. He had requested that the proceedings involving him not be broadcast live.
The prosecution responded that the court proceedings cannot be divided among the co-defendants, as they were both accused of the charges.
The prosecution noted that even now, the Supreme Court broadcast all of its hearings except for closed hearings. They also noted that the defendant's request was not necessarily sufficient for the Court to decide on allowing the proceedings to be broadcast.
The presiding judge had asked the defence to provide the Court with a list of all documents that they had not yet received. The next hearing of the case was scheduled for 27 January.
The presiding judge stated that if a decision was made to broadcast the court proceedings, that decision would be announced prior to the hearing.