Wednesday 17th Aug 2022
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Citizens Call India Out Because Of MDP: MP Saeed

MP Mohamed Saeed (PNC-Maavashu) had claimed that the Maldivian people called out "India Out" because of the main party of the ruling coalition, the Maldivian Democratic Party.
He said this in response to Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid's comments criticising the "India Out" movement. Minister Shahid had said that wantonly verbally abusing neighbouring countries that helped the Maldives was "not something that should be done".
In an interview with an online newspaper, Minister Shahid had stated that exploiting the Maldives' internal political differences and targeting it at foreign countries would not benefit the Maldives.
In a tweet posted by MP Saeed, he said that Minister Shahid had told the truth; that the small size of a country was not a reason to make it a victim of a larger nation.
Making reference to current-Speaker of the Majlis Mohamed Nasheed's public statements practically inviting an Indian military intervention in the Maldives, MP Saeed called for the MDP to stop doing such things. He said that the people called "India Out" because of the MDP.