Tuesday 24th May 2022
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MP Mohammed Saeed

MP Saeed Accused Govt Of Racism Regarding Restriction Of Phase 2 Land Sales To Malé Citizens

MP Mohamed Saeed (PNC-Maavashu) has stated that the government’s policy to restrict the sale of land from Hulhumalé Phase 2 to Malé citizens was a form of “racial discrimination”.
In a tweet addressed to the government, MP Saeed asked where decentralization had gone, and where the inner islands had gone. He had accused the government of coming up with worthless policies to harm the citizens.
MP Saeed stated that given the way the country was being run, there would really be no difference if the country had no president. He had asked why the government had thought that people who had the ability to pay MVR4-5 million were homeless.
He had also asked what plan the government had to repay the USD500 million taken out for the Thila-Malé Bridge after having sidelined 17 atolls and projects worth USD2 billion.