Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Foreign minister Shahid

Fmr Pres Yameen Notes Shahid’s Support Of India’s Military Ambitions In The Maldives

The leader of the opposition, former President Abdullah Yameen, recollected remarks that had been made by Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid expressing his “worry” that Indian military troops had not invaded the Maldives.
The former President mentioned this speaking to Dhiyares, the sister-newspaper of The Maldives Journal; the first interview he had given to the media since his acquittal after two years in prison.
The former President referenced Shahid’s appearance with an Indian military analyst on India’s NDTV channel.
“In the NDTV interview, the Indian military analyst had said that India’s biggest mistake [in the GMR Airport issue] was not installing Indian military personnel disguised in civilian uniforms at the airport. Shahid had remained silent”, he said.
The former President said that Shahid had not opposed what the analyst had said. Former President Yameen also said that Shahid did not defend the rights of the Maldivian people on the programme, either.
He said that this demonstrated that Shahid did not believe that there was anything wrong in an Indian military presence on Maldivian soil.
He also referenced an appearance made by Shahid on Indian television which followed the 2018 coup attempt.
“Abdullah Shahid had given an interview in which he says that he’s very worried and upset that the Indian military did not come here”, noted the former President.
Shahid is a key figure in India’s exercise of undue influence over the Maldives.