Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Speaker Nasheed Calls On Police To Stop Yameen From Wearing India Out T-Shirt

Speaker of the People’s Majlis, Mohamed Nasheed, has said that the Maldives Police Service should put a stop to opposition leader, former President Abdulah Yameen’s practice of wearing a red “India Out” t-shirt as part of the “India Out” movement that he is currently leading.
During the Male City meeting organized by the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party at Sultan Park yesterday, the MDP’s parliamentary group leader MP Ali Azim (MDP-Henveiru Central) had proposed planning different ways to put a stop to the “India Out” movement.
In response to MP Azim’s statements, Speaker Nasheed had said that “India Out” should “not be said”, reiterating the statement that he had made on a previous occasion. On that occasion, he had said that India had a role in the Maldives.
Speaker Nasheed had said that former President Yameen’s wearing of the “India Out” t-shirt was “shameful”, and he had said that the members of the MDP would also feel embarrassment if he, himself, were to behave in such a manner.
Speaker Nasheed characterized the former President’s practice of wearing such a T-shirt as a problem also faced by the opposition PPM. He said that the members of the MDP should come out to save the opposition coalition from that problem.
Speaker Nasheed had said that the former President should not wear that T-shirt on the streets of Male. He said that if he were to do so, the police should go out and stop him.