Monday 17th Jun 2024
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Presidential election

Leaked Police Report Evidence Of Electoral Fraud In 2018 Presidential Race, Govt Must Investigate Now: Opposition

The opposition have stated that a leaked report from the Maldives Police Service demonstrates that the 2018 presidential election had been rigged in favour of the Solih administration.
The statement released by the Progressive National Coalition that they had serious concerns regarding the 2018 presidential election based on the leaked police report. The statement read that the report demonstrated that systemic attempts had been made to manipulate the outcome of the election.
The report noted several irregularities as cause for concern regarding the election, and had noted how systemic attempts had been made prior to, during, and after the election. The report noted 54 issues of concern, which the opposition see as a “evidence of the massive influence on the electoral process”.
The statement read that the Coalition had always maintained that the Solih administration had come to power through collusion with foreign powers. After calling upon said “foreign powers” to refrain from interfering with the domestic affairs of the Maldives, the statement called upon the government of the Maldives and its relevant institutions to launch an immediate investigation into the electoral fraud that had been committed during the 2018 elections.