Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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Anti Corruption Commission

Case Involving Parking Space Allocation Submitted To ACC

A complaint involving the allocation of parking spots by the Malé City Council has been submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).
The City Council had decided to lease 450 slots in an attempt to alleviate the parking problems in Malé City. 211 slots had been leased in July. 969 parties had come forward to rent the slots, according to the Council.
A complaint claiming that the slots had been leased unfairly had been submitted to the ACC yesterday.
Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh had said that all applicants had been assigned slip numbers, however, some of the applicants had not been given their slip numbers when they were handed their forms due to an “administrative mistake”.
Deputy Mayor Nareesh had claimed that the lots had been drawn “very fairly” and gave his assurance that there was no wrongdoing in the matter.
He said that the lots had been drawn in the presence of the media.