Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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MP Mohammed Saeed

President Solih Needs To Have His Brain Examined: MP Saeed

MP Mohamed Saeed (PNC-Maavashu) has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih “needs to have his brain examined”.
MP Saeed made this statement in relation to opposition leader, former President Abdullah Yameen’s statement at the Criminal Court today regarding the seizure of his passport and the travel ban that had been imposed on him.
Among the reasons that the State had put forward for declaring the former President a flight risk was the claim that his former Vice President, Ahmed Adheeb, had attempted to flee the country while under house-arrest.
The State had also argued that since the defendant was a former President, the fact that he would have connections was another reason to consider him a flight risk.
Former President Yameen had said that he had no intention to leave the country, nor had he ever attempted to do so. He declared that he wishes to see the evidence the State claimed that it had to consider him a flight risk.
MP Saeed stated on Twitter that President Solih needed to have his brain examined, and that the President has become a “yo-yo” used for the ruling coalition’s entertainment.
Tagging Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem, MP Saeed requested that he refrained from “changing the subject” when the topic of the Indian military presence was brought up.
MP Saeed said that the former President Yameen would remain in the country, and also claimed that the former President to flee the country the quickest would be none other than President Solih himself.