Tuesday 24th May 2022
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President Yameen

President Yameen Instructs Opposition To Intensify India Out Movement

Opposition leader, former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has called on the opposition to intensify its “India Out” campaign. The “India Out” campaign, which has been adopted by the opposition, began as a grassroots movement which called for the removal of all Indian military assets and personnel from the Maldives.
Meeting with several leaders of the Progressive Party of Maldives as well as members of its steering committee and officials of various local constituencies, the opposition leader discussed various ways to intensify opposition activities. A representative of the PPM reported that former President Yameen had instructed the opposition to intensify and expand the movement to remove Indian military personnel and assets from the country.
The former President had, for the first time, publicly declared his opposition to Indian policies in the Maldives while speaking at an opposition rally last Friday.
The former President said that the Maldives was not an Indian town and that the President of the was not its governor.
“ The Indian military will have to leave the Maldives”, declared the former President Yameen. “The Indian military has no place in the Maldives. I am declaring this officially. I speak as a former President of the Maldives. I speak as the President of the PPM and the PNC. And I speak as the leader and representative of thousands. I do not want a single soldier or a single pair of boots of the Indian military to remain on this soil”.
The opposition had organised several activities in opposition to the Indian military’s presence in the Maldives.