Wednesday 17th Aug 2022
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MP Ahmed Shiyaam

5 Years Of An MDP Government Would Diminish The Country

MP Ahmed Shiyam (MDP-Naifaru) remarked that if the ruling MDP were to stay in power for five years, the Maldives would be “hard to find”.
MP Shiyam stated this in a tweet responding to another tweet made by MP Mohamed Shifau (MDP-Ihavandhoo) in which he had remarked that “no citizen would doubt that former President Yameen raped and swindled the national economy”.
MP Shiyam responded by asking if that was the reason why President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had spent MVR 64 billion in government revenue and taken MVR 40 billion in debt in just three years with nothing to show for it.
The opposition have accused the government of making no practical progress on any development projects while incurring large debts.