Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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President Yameen's Court Case

Supreme Court Verdict Hearing In Yameen Case Scheduled For Nov 30

The verdict hearing for former President Yameen’s appeal to the Supreme Court has been scheduled for 8:45am on 30 November.
The former President is appealing the 2019 Criminal Court verdict that sentenced him to five years in prison on the charges of money-laundering. After an appeals process, the High Court had upheld the ruling of the Criminal Court.
The former President’s legal team had put forward several points, and the judges’ panel had thoroughly interrogated the State and the appellant.
During the last hearing, the Supreme Court’s judicial panel had raised several questions regarding the legitimacy of the cheque that had been used to deposit the funds into the former President’s account. Points had also been raised regarding a mismatch of reference numbers between the cheque, the receipt, and the account statement. The State had argued that this discrepancy had been caused by a typographical error.
At that hearing, the head of the judicial panel, Judge Mahaz Ali Zahir, had said that the Court would reach a verdict before going to recess.
While the Supreme Court has scheduled a verdict to be issued within the next five days, the Prosecutor General’s Office has charged the former President with two charges of money-laundering and taking bribes. Another similar case is currently being heard at the Criminal Court.
The opposition have accused the government of piling on false charges against the former President to bar him to contesting in the 2023 presidential elections.