Thursday 7th Dec 2023
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Maldives Airports Company Limited

Foreign National Appointed As COO Of MACL

A British national, Darren Williams, has been appointed as the Chief Operations Officer of the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).
According to MACL, Williams has 20 years in airport management and worked at Dubai International Airport for 10 years. He will be reporting directly to the CEO, Gordon Andrew, also a British national.
Many foreign nationals have been appointed to important positions within the MACL since President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s inauguration. Many foreigners also work for MACL as consultants.
Some foreign nationals who are currently employed by MACL.
Chief Executive Officer, Gordon Andrew Stuart.
Chief Operations Officer, Darren Williams
Head of Development, Gita Ray
MACL consultant, Lindsay W.
Infrastructure Manager, Darryl Bolton
Chief Development Officer, John Bradford
Operational Readiness And Transfer (ORAT) Director, Maju Cherian
Chief Business Excellence And Compliance Officer, Andrew J.E. Baird
It is noteworthy that foreign nationals are being appointed to such positions within the MACL while capable local candidates are available for those jobs. Some sources maintain that the British nationals appointed to these positions due to their personal relationship with CEO Gordon Andrew Stuart.
Many millions of rufiyaa are collectively spent on their salaries. However, the MACL has consistently refused to disclose details about those salaries when requested through the Right To Information Act.