Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Sabra Noordeen

Sabra Nooruddeen Praises Govt For Including Climate Change In National Curriculum

Sabra Nooruddeen, Special Envoy for Climate Change, has thanked and praised the Maldivian government for the work being done to include information about climate change in the national curriculum.
Speaking yesterday at the conference titled "Our Climate, Our Present, Our Future - A SIDS Perspective", being held in preparation for the upcoming COP-26 summit, Sabra Nooruddeen educating people and to raising awareness about climate change were very important aspects of the Paris Agreement that were usually never given their due right.
Sabra elaborated on the importance of listening to the youth, the solutions they want, and their concerns about the future in a changing climate, and she said that the core solution the youth want involves quick solutions to reduce the pumping of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
She pointed out that young people should be in the forefront of the efforts and discussions regarding climate change; young people should also serve as policymakers in this regard. She pointed out that even though the government was implementing policies, such as banning single-use plastic; the work of spreading awareness should not end.
Sabra said that since, in comparison to other countries, the carbon footprint of the Maldives was relatively small; if the Maldives could adopt renewable energy sources, it would be a solution that could be sustained for many years to come.
The event was jointly organised by the Maldivian government and United Nations agencies that operate in the Maldives. Particularly, the event was supported by the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology and the UNDP and UNICEF.