Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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MP Mohammed Saeed

What Good Is There In Degrading the Maldives?: MP Saeed to Speaker Nasheed

MP Mohamed Saeed (Maavah) has asked Mohamed Nasheed, Speaker of the Majlis, what benefit there was in it for the Maldivian people when he continued to degrade the Maldives at "every opportunity" he got. MP Saeed mentioned this via a Tweet his posted on his official Twitter account earlier today.
MP Saeed's question came in relation to Speaker Nasheed's comments that may be interpreted to be in favour of a foreign military presence in the Maldives during the press conference held yesterday at the Majlis building.
During the press conference, Speaker Nasheed had questioned if the Maldives could defend itself against an attack launched by a group of heavily-armed terrorists. He also asked about what the best form of defense against such a scenario would be.
MP Saeed, who had served as the Ministry of Economic Development under the Yameen administration, asked Speaker Nasheed if all of the dangerous and terrible things that were happening in countries around the world were occuring because of the powerlessness of those countries.
He had also accused the ruling party of taking "every opportunity" to "degrade the Maldives", and asked what good there was in it for the Maldivian people.