Friday 2nd Dec 2022
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President Nasheed

Speaker Nasheed Admits to Running the Alex Ahmed Twitter Account

Former President Nasheed, the Speaker of the Majlis, confessed to being the administrator of the @anedhivehirajje Twitter account. He said this during a press conference today.
The Twitter account, which has long used the pseudonym "Alex Ahmed", has made no secret that it is being run by the former president; having mentioned the fact in its tweets several times. However, this is the first time that Nasheed has publicly admitted his association with the Twitter account.
In response to a journalist's question at the press conference held at the Majlis building today, Nasheed confirmed that @anedhivehirajje was one of the accounts that he used.
He urged the public to not view the account as his official platform. He said that he used it mainly to engage in historical and political content, but he uses it to engage in political debates on Twitter. He also mentioned that a copycat version of the @anehdihvehirajje account seems to also exist.
He urged journalists to not view what he wrote on that account as official. He also mentioned that he did not believe that it was appropriate to report news on what anyone said on Twitter.
Former President Nasheed has used his @anedhivehirajje account to be more candid about his political stances and views than has been seen from his public, official persona. His criticisms of the government, had been posted entirely under the pseudonymous account.