Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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President Yameen's Court Case

Case Against Yameen is Political Revenge: Dr Jameel

Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, the head of former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's legal defence, has said that the charges against the former president is a form of "political revenge".
In an appearance on the "Suvaalakahfahu Suvaaleiy" programme, brought by Avas, Dr Jameel said that arguments that had not been put forward by the State before the Criminal Court had been put forward before the High Court, and arguments that had not been put forward before the High Court are being put forward before the Supreme Court. Dr Jameel said that the State's behaviour during the case and the appeals process gave him the impression that the whole case had been concocted by the Prosecutor General as a form of revenge against former President Yameen.
Dr Jameel also said that the Criminal Court had "demolished" the Criminal Code to run the case as per the State's demands. The head of the former president's legal defence had said that the State's case had been based on flimsy evidence.
Dr Jameel also stated that the funds transferred from the MMPRC account to the SOF Pvt Ltd account had not been established to be the acquisition funds for Vodamulla in either the Auditor General's report or the Anti-Corruption Commission's report. The link between Vodamulla and the transferred funds had been fabricated, alleged Dr Jameel.
He said that the case against the former president was not the work of seeking justice.