Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Imthiyaz Fahmy

Some MPs Bend Over Backwards for Unelected Officials: MP Imthiyaz

Some MPs "bend over backwards" for Ministers and heads of public corporations, alleged MP Imthiyaz "Inthi" Fahmy (Maafannu-North).
During an informal session on Clubhouse last night, Inthi alleged that some members saw the legal privileges granted to members of parliament to include a "free pass" to attend football matches without waiting in the queue. Inthi said that he was not entirely sure of how such members of parliament understood those privileges.
Inthi also alleged that such MPs, on receiving a call from an appointed Minister or the head of a public corporation, would cast aside all of their principles and beliefs and anything else that was required to keep a political party united and bend over backwards for them.
"Some elected officials bend over backwards, these days, when they receive a call from an unelected official, a minister," said Inthi.
Some members of parliament have publicly complained that MPs do not receive an appropriate degree of respect and privilege.