Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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MP Ibrahim Shareef

MDP National Council Elections Show No Support for Parliamentary System: Shareef

Maradhoo Constituency Member Ibrahim Shareef stated that there is no support for the Parliamentary System as much as people believe.
Shareef tweeted stating that the majority of the National Council seats were won by candidates loyal to President Solih. 65 percent of candidates who were elected to the council were backed by President Solih.
However, those who are loyal to Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and support the parliamentary System stated that they had won 53 seats in the National Council. Therefore, the Parliamentary System Supporting faction claim that the elections were won by them.
Shareef tweeted that recently concluded MDP-GM elections showed there isn’t that much support to change the system of governance as many devotees and hardcore supporters of President Mohamed Nasheed are claiming.
He also stated that he believes that if a referendum is held today Presidential system will win decisively.