Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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MNDF Officer Dies While in Training

A Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Officer Lance Corporal Mohamed Sultan died while in training in Pune, India. India authorities have stated investigations are underway on the death of the Officer.
MNDF said Sultan passed away on Saturday while completing a training program at Pune National Defence Academy's Camp.
A statement released by NDA following his death stated that the Court of Inquiry has been asked to further investigate Sultan’s death. It also stated that immediate medical attention was given to Sultan from the moment he had collapsed unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Noting that it has also been decided that an autopsy would be performed on his body to determine the exact cause of death.
Speaking to an Indian Newspaper Deputy commissioner of Pune police Pornima Gaikwad stated that as per the procedure, a team was sent to the NDA to carry out the post-mortem. As per Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973. Gaikward also said that they will be investigating to see if there is any suspicion around the death of Sultan.
MNDF said arrangements are being made to transport the officer's body to the Maldives.