Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Attack on President Nasheed

Adhuham Pleads Guilty To All Charges

Ahmed Adhuham Rasheed has pleaded guilty to all charges on the 6th May IED attack against Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed.
The IED was strapped to a motorbike which was parked nearby Nasheed’s home and was remotely detonated by Adhuham while standing in an alleyway of the Athama Palace building. Adhuham had confessed to the police that he was willing to sacrifice his life to successfully pull off the attack on Nasheed.
The state had raised four charges against Adhuham which are carrying out an act of terrorism, conspiring to an act of terrorism, supporting a terrorist organization, and attempting to kill a person using sharp or dangerous weapons.
During the hearing which was held on Tuesday at the Criminal Court, Adhuham pleaded guilty to all four charges. The hearing was then continued behind closed doors, as matters linked to national security were to be shared during the hearing. The judges on the bench were judge Mohamed Misbah, Judge Adam Mohamed, and Judge Sofwath Habeeb.
Adhuham will face a sentence of over 40 years if convicted. However, Adhuham has signed a plea bargain with the State which will reduce the sentence to 23 years.