Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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United Kingdom

Tourist Arrivals Increase with the Removal from UK Red List

The Popularity of Maldives increase among travelers after Maldives was removed from the UK red list.
Due to the change in the red list last Friday, the Travel agency sites have become crowded with bookings of those who plan to travel to Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Mexico in the coming months.
One of the largest travel agencies in the UK, The Sky Scanner had said that the UK government's decision on allowing those with 2 dose vaccines to travel without a PCR test had increased the tourist demand by 95%.
Those that visit the countries in the “Amber” list do not need to quarantine themselves in hotels but will be able to quarantine at their own home. The travel website Expedia had said that among the UK tourists demand the Maldives have become 30% more.
In the latest review list of the UK Maldives was in the “Amber” list which means that those who travel to the Maldives can quarantine in their house. While those who travel to Red listed countries have to quarantine in a facility provided by the Government.