Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Minister Ahmed Shiyaam

Fiyavathi Situation Result of Failiure of the State: Shiyam

Naifaru Constituency Member and PPM Vice President Ahmed Shiyam had stated that the issue of Fiyavathi the Hulhumale Children Shelter portrays that the State has failed miserably.
Shiyam had said this due to the fire incident that took place at Fiyavathi Shelter in Hulhumale last night. The children of the Shelter had climbed on the roof of the building and broken some of the windows.
last week another incident took place where some passers-by had heard children crying saying that the staff was hitting them which led to passers-by trying to climb the walls of the shelter and demanding the gate to be opened. However, Gender Ministry denied the incident stating that no child was harmed.
Regarding the situation at the Fiyavathi Shelter Shiyam had tweeted saying that lately, this has become an everyday occurrence at the Fiyavathi Shelter. He further said that it is concerning to see the bleak future of the children under State protection. Shiyam said that this is the result of state failure.
While a fire incident took place last night at the Fyavathi Shelter in Hulhumale previously a couple of fire incidents had taken place in the Villimale Hiya Shelter.