Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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United Kingdom

Maldives taken off the UK red list

The Maldives has been removed from the travel red list of the UK.
The Maldives has been on the red list of the UK since May 2021. Although the nation has been removed from the red list, officially it will be in effect from the 22nd of this month.
Although the Maldives is now recording a low number of daily positive cases the country was not taken of the red list due to the carelessness of the government is not providing with necessary information. The removal of Maldives from the list came after UK Ambassador from Maldives Dr. Farhanaz Faisal had raised concerns constantly on Twitter regarding UK’s decision for letting the Maldives be on the red list.
However, those that travel to the UK need to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival and those with 2 dose vaccinations do not need a PCR test to enter the country.
Due to the Maldives being on the red list those traveling for holidays from the UK had lessened affecting the Tourism of the Maldives.