Monday 2nd Oct 2023
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Maldives Police Service

Civilian Assigned to Analyze Judges' Leaked Audios

Police have assigned a civilian to analyze the leaked audios of three Criminal Court bench judges who sentenced former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom to five years in prison.
The police administration announced that Aslam Ali has been assigned to perform the audio analysis in accordance with the single source procurement regulation based on the Police Bid Committee’s decision as mandated by the Public Finance Regulation.
Police have not revealed the price at which the civilian was assigned to analyze the audio.
The audios contain the voices of bench judges Justice Faaiz Rasheed, Justice Mohamed Sameer, and Justice Ali Adam, who sentenced the former president to five years of imprisonment.
The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) announced that it is investigating the audios, and claimed that the voices in the audios do not belong to the judges. JSC also mentioned that the judges have stated that they have not spoken of any such matters.
JSC has informed some media outlets that the audio analysis report will be completed in about a week.