Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Madam Fazna

First Lady Gifted Two Books to Vaadhoo School

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's wife and First Lady Fazna Ahmed have Gifted Two Books to Raa Atoll Vaadhoo School Library.
First Lady Fazna Ahmed has visited Raa Atoll Vaadhoo School and met with the senior officials and administrators of the school. This trip was made during the three-day trip that The President and First Lady is taking through Shaviyani Atoll and Raa Atoll.
The First Lady gifted two books, on anti-bullying and sexual harassment awareness, to the school library during her visit.
During the meeting, the school's representatives discussed their policies as well as the obstacles they confront in carrying out their everyday duties at the school.
The First Lady emphasized the need to prioritize increasing resources also developing and training human resources. She highlighted the importance of higher education opportunities. She further noted the importance of improving career guidance and enhancing teaching skills through additional training. She also stated that teachers play a pivotal part in such accomplishments and commended the teachers.