Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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MP Mohammed Saeed

National Defense Force Should Investigate the Dangers that Pose for the President Without Delay : Saeed

Former Economic Minister and L.Maavashu Constituency Member and PNC Vice President Mohamed Saeed criticized when reporters were halted from taking pictures of the Indian High Commission.
Tweeting an article written by “Diyares” Saeed said that seeing those foreign countries influencing the country's civil affairs show that the government is not representing the citizens of the country. Saeed also said that the National Defence Force should be investigating the dangers that pose for the President without delay.
On Wednesday “Dhivehi Channel” attempted to secure a video of those who stand in a queue in front of the Indian High Commission to apply for a Visa. However, two members from the High Commission spoke with the two guards who guard the Embassy leading them to stop the Videoing and the news channel was further told that they are not allowed to make any videos of the India High Commission.
It is known that previously the Indian High Commission had requested the government to take action against the Maldivian reporters