Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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MP Ahmed Toriq (Tom)

Pres. Solih and Nasheed the Same, Trying to Achieve Same Goal: Tom

Member of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Council, Mahibadhoo MP Ahmed Thariq (Tom) has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed are one and that they are both attempting to achieve the same goal.
Speaking at the opposition’s gathering on Sunday night, Tom claimed that claiming they have a difference in opinion is an attempt to deceive the public, and that both President and Solih and former President Nasheed are working towards the same goal.
“President Solih and President Nasheed are two chips off the same block”.
Thariq said that although Nasheed and President Solih claim they have differing views, they both strive to achieve the same aim; to assume office for a second term.
However, he stated that neither will win a second term, and they are both aware of the fact. He added that it has become increasingly clear to the presidents’ ally India as well.
According to the Mahibadhoo MP, the many agreements being signed with India aiming to bankrupt the Maldives are a result of the realization.
He assured that the agreements with India will be terminated once PPM comes into leadership in 2023.
Tom further stated that the issue at the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) proceeded as per a deal between President Solih and Nasheed. He claimed that the current government is delaying the JSC issue to proceed with former President Yameen’s case. He also speculated that the JSC’s composition remains unchanged so that the Supreme Court may pass its verdict on President Yameen.