Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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President Nasheed

Fully Trust Maldives Police Service: Pres. Nasheed

Former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated he has full trust in the police administration and that the administration is capable of carrying out the investigation into the May 6 assassination attempt.
Speaking to the press for the first time since the attack, the former president on Sunday claimed that police are currently searching for those who funded and orchestrated the attack, and that the police are capable of conducting the investigation. He iterated that he has full trust in Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed and the police administration.
Speaker Nasheed also shared the status of his health at the press conference. He said that his health has improved, but the three fingers on his right hand are still not functional. Although doctors assure him that the fingers will recover, the former president is not optimistic.
As he must check in with his doctor once every three weeks, he informed the press that he is unable to return to the Maldives at the end of the month as originally planned. While he has yet to share the date of his return, he added that he must consider his safety and security along with his health.