Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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President Nasheed

Nasheed Unhappy With Opposition's Call for the Expulsion of Indian Military from Maldives

Speaker of the parliament and ruling MDP's President, Mohammed Nasheed has expressed concern after the opposition Progressive Congress Coalition called for the expulsion of the Indian military from the Maldives.
Speaking at a rally held by the opposition, the acting leader of the opposition, Abdul Raheem stated that the Indian military personnel in the Maldives must leave the country immediately. Tweeting about it, Nasheed claimed that India is the Maldives' closest friend and the guarantor of peace in the Indian ocean.
Adhurey stated that Maldivians must stand against India and fight for independence before Indians force Maldivians to live under the rule of India. Speaking about the Indian helicopters operated in the Maldives, Adhurey stated that Maldivians are capable of maintaining their own security and that Indian military personnel should leave the Maldives with their helicopters and planes.
While Nasheed had expressed his concern, Nasheed had called for Indian boots on Maldivian soil in 2018. He had also said that seeing an Indian Military officer in Ihavandhoo island was a good thing.