Tuesday 24th May 2022
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MP Ahmed Shiyaam

MDP Head Office Should Ensure a Safe Work Environment for Women: Shiyam

Opposition Party (PPM) Vice President stated that MDP Head Office should be made a haven for their female staff members.
MP Shiyam tweeted in this manner due to the assault that had taken place yesterday at the MDP Head Office injuring Mariyam Zubair (Mandhy), a long-time employee at the MDP office and mother of South Galolhu MP Mickail Ahmed Naseem.
It was reported that Mandhy has suffered a head injury during the assault and that she has been taken to the nearby ADK hospital for treatment.
The case is being investigated by the police.
MP Shiyam's tweet stated that he had thought that MDP was at its best and ripe for democracy and he believes that Mandhy is a hardworking and strong lady.
MP Shiyam also stated that it was a very cowardly attempt and that he condemns this act of violence and also said that the MDP Office needs to be a safer place for the women of MDP.