Wednesday 17th Aug 2022
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Maldives Airports Company Limited

Another Foreigner Appointed to a Senior Post At MACL

A foreigner has been appointed for the post of project division head of Development Management of Maldives Airport Company Limited (MACL).
An internal memo of MACL states that Swedish-born Gita Ray has 26 years of experience in the field of Airport Planning and Development Management. Gita Ray had previously worked in the Middle – East, and Europe in similar Fields.
Senior positions of MACL are being given to foreigners since the appointment of Gordon Stewart as the CEO of MACL.
MACL's inside memo stated that at the moment Gita Ray is training a team of five Maldivians to be at the management level. The memo further stated that the team will be working on assisting in project development as well as providing assistance to customers who need help in the airport.
The memo also stated that with the help of Gita Ray the management would be able to assist customers more efficiently.