Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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PG Hussain Shameem

PG Provides False Info to the Parliament Regarding Slain Blogger Yameen Rasheed

A case of Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem providing false information to Parliament Judiciary Committee regarding the case of brutally slain Blogger Yamin Rasheed has come to light.
Shameem had given false information while answering the question of Judiciary Committee member and Mathiveri constituency MP Hassan Zareers showed concern on why the trial of those accused of his murder is still ongoing at the Criminal Court. However, the hearings are proceeding at a slow pace. Shameem said that the trial was at the last hearing stages.
“It is possible to finish the hearing in two days if we hold the trials right now,” said Shameem. He also said that right now the remaining part of the trial is to give a detailed summary of the case and giving a verdict.
However, the Criminal court had said that Shameem had provided with false information regarding the trial and that right now a hearing has been fixed for the 16th of September to discuss and point out what the accused have to say about the evidence presented against them.
Criminal Court said that regarding the footage provided by the state the accused had requested to review the footage once again. However, since the footage was not provided by the state those that had handed in the footage need to be present to review the footage.
The Criminal court also said that a hearing was scheduled for the 14th of October with the family of Yameen Rasheed and also a hearing will be held on the 18th of November to provide both parties with a detailed summary of the trial. The court also said that there will be no trials during December although 30 days after the detailed summary has been given a verdict will be made.
Shameem also had said that Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances had sent another letter asking to quicken the pace of the trial. However, the commission said that they have not sent such a letter.
Criminal Court said that PG Office had sent a letter to hasten the trial when the new judge was assigned to the case which was on the 8th of August after a hearing had been scheduled and the next letter was sent on 30th August, 30 minutes before the official working hours was over right after Shameem attended the meeting with the judiciary Committee.
Yameen Rasheed was found cruelly murdered on April 23, 2017. Ismail Haisham Rasheed from H. Annaarumaage, Ahmed Zihaan Ismail from M. Iraamiskuge and Mohamed Dhifraan from Sindhubaadhuge, G.Dh. Gadhdhoo, Hassan Shifaz from M. Kudhehige, Ismail Rasheed from M. Thaaif and Hussain Ziyaadh from East, M Kolhufushi were charged for the murder.