Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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President Solih

Pres. Solih Must be Deposed if Unwilling to Resign: Shiyam

Parliament representative for Naifaru constituency Ahmed Shiyam has stated that if President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is unwilling to resign, the parliament must depose him.
Shiyam stated as such in a press conference after parliament members of the Progressive Congress Coalition visited the President’s Office. Members of the opposition visited the President’s Office today as a leaked audio clip of three bench judges who passed former President Yameen’s 2019 Criminal Court verdict insinuated that the court’s verdict was influenced.
Shiyam claimed that the verdict was directly influenced by the President’s Office. Noting that presiding Chief Judge Ahmed Hailam was suspended shortly before the verdict was passed, Shiyam said that Hailam's statement regarding his suspension mentioned the government's influence. However, Shiyam revealed that the allegation was never investigated.
He added that the extent of the influence was evident in the leaked audios and that three bench judges admitted the verdict was influenced by the government. The MP iterated that the Supreme Court must dismiss the verdict as it is invalid if passed under duress by holding the judges' families hostage.
He accused President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of being behind the torture President Yameen was subjected to during the investigation and court proceedings. He emphasized that if President Solih is unwilling to resign, the parliament must depose him.
An audio clip of three bench judges who passed President Yameen's verdict has been leaked. In the audios, the judges stated that the verdict was passed under duress. Justice Ali Adam also admitted that he was given specific instructions by Ali Zahir, Chief of Staff at the President's Office.