Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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MP Hassan Ahmed (Inguraidhoo)

Fenaka Accused of Firing Inguraidhoo Branch Staff under Political Influence

The Inguraidhoo Council has confirmed to Dhiyares that the Fenaka Corporation has fired all administrative staff at its Inguradhoo, Raa Atoll branch.
The Fenaka branch in Inguraidhoo employed four administrative staff. Although Dhiyares has been informed that they have been terminated, the branch has not provided further details.
In response to a question from Dhiyares, President of the Inguraidhoo Council Mohamed Jaleel stated that the council has confirmed that the four staff members have been fired, and that the news is true. However, he revealed that he has yet to receive additional details, and that the exact reason for termination remains unclear. He noted that despite attempts to obtain information, the Fenaka branch has remained silent.
A reliable source informed Dhiyares that three of the employees were fired for political reasons due to political pressure from Inguraidhoo MP Hassan Ahmed (Hasantey). According to the source, a Feneka team visited the island on August 24, and the three employees were sent their termination chit the following day on August 25.
One of the staff termination chits noted that they were terminated for corruption or being involved in an act of corruption as stated in the Fenaka Corporation’s Staff Regulations, rule 34.8, clause 2. Another member’s chit read that they were fired as keeping them on will negatively affect the employee or place of employment, clause 1(a) of rule 34.8.
An anonymous source involved in the issue divulged to Dhiyares that the staff regulations dictate only two reasons for termination, and that the staff were given no prior oral warning or advice. They claimed that there is no problem with firing the staff if the company believes it is the best course of action after investigating the corruption. “If something has happened, investigate… the investigation will take time, I know that an investigation cannot be completed overnight! This is not magic…”.
One of the staff fired was allegedly a senior staff appointed by the MP, and he was fired for failing to attend the office when summoned by the visiting Head Office employees. “He has never been penalized before. He received no oral or written warning for not showing up, he was immediately fired. They fired him just to show that they could! To show that they have the power to do so!” said the source.
One of Dhiyares’ informants speculated that MP Hasantey influenced the termination of the three employees as they are members of the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM). Claiming that they are sure Hasantey’s influence was involved, the informant said, “No doubt it was Hasantey. 100 percent sure!”. They added that Hasantey’s activists were the first to receive news of the employees’ termination.
During a call with Dhiyares on the matter, Hasantey stated that he is not involved in the issue and that he is not one to hire people or fire people from their jobs. When questioned further, he disconnected the call. Dhiyares’ attempts to acquire a statement from Fenaka went unanswered.