Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Hassan Ahmed (Inguraidhoo)

Pres. Nasheed, Pres. Solih Remain Together Despite Opposing Views: Hasantey

Parliament representative for Inguraidhoo constituency Hassan Ahmed (Hasantey) has stated that despite opposing views, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed will ultimately remain together.
During a SanguTV program, Hasantey said that Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) allows its members the independence to express their views, and that members and leaders often discuss and debate such matters. However, in the end, all members are in agreement with what is most beneficial to the public.
Hasantey assured that no leader of MDP has selfish intentions, and all decisions made are for the people's benefit. MDP follows its policies and makes decisions after the leadership's discussions, said the Inguraidhoo MP.
As per Hasantey, President Solih is a thoughtful leader with the public's interest in mind. He claimed that MDP members oppose the government's operations in order to further strengthen the government as there is no one to do so within the opposition. He added that MDP will fulfill all its pledges and that the party continues to debate in order to make the best decision for the public.
Although MDP continues to debate differing views for the public's benefit, Hasantey iterated that the party will not break apart. He stated that all matters ultimately end in mutual agreements.
He stated that MDP will always support a parliamentary system of governance as it is most beneficial for the Maldives. He claimed that it is not a political decision as the current presidential system operates much like a parliamentary system.