Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Mayor Against Selling Land to the Wealthy while Needy Remain

Male’ City Mayor and former Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that it is unacceptable to sell land from Hulhumale’ Phase 2 to the wealthy over the needy.
During an interview with Dhiyares on the Male’ City Council’s progress, Male’ City Mayor and Vice President of opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Dr. Muizzu claimed that the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is operating against the law and that the council will expend all efforts to uphold the law.
Regarding HDC preparing to sell land from Phase 2, Muizzu further stated that the council will officially make a decision in the meeting next week. “The law clearly dictates that companies must discuss with the council all projects to be conducted within the council’s jurisdiction. So land cannot be sold without prior discussion with the council. We will do all we can in the matter”, said the mayor.
Noting that the council will gather the public’s thoughts on the issue, Dr. Muizzu iterated that the matter will be addressed in upcoming meetings with the public. “We will officially present the matter to government authorities, to stop this. The main reason being there is still no adequate solution for the citizens’ housing issues. It is not right for the land to be sold while the matter still remains unresolved”.
“Regular citizens must be given equal opportunity as the wealthy”, said Muizzu. He reiterated that the council is against HDC’s decision to sell land from Phase 2 for extremely high prices. The mayor assured that the council will take all necessary measures to prevent the sale of land.