Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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President Nasheed

Taliban Takeover Makes Afghanistan Sanctuary for Extremists: Pres. Nasheed

Former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that Afghanistan will become an extremist sanctuary after the Taliban takeover.
In an interview with Indian news station Times Now, President Nasheed iterated that as the Taliban have takeover, Afghanistan will become a training ground for extremists where they plan and prepare for attacks. It is a threat to all South Asian countries, said Nasheed.
He stated that nation-building strategies can be successfully conducted. The former president claimed that Maldives was on the brink of going towards an extremist direction, but the firm establishment of political parties has prevented the country from going in such a direction.
He further stated that Maldives, in more ways than one, has experience in running a democracy in an Islamic country. He acknowledged that Maldives has its issues, and although extremists want to change Maldivians' lifestyles, it is not the collective opinion.
Nasheed divulged that he believes India must play a greater role in Afghanistan. Not necessarily posting troops in Afghanistan, but to form political parties and strengthen the political system
The former president stated that it is not feasible to assume that the Taliban will bring change, and India must play a pivotal role. According to Nasheed, the international community must work with the former Afghan President and political figures.