Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Moosa Ali Manik (Mookey)

Mookey Speculates Opposition Plans RDC Break-Ins to Humiliate Govt

Managing Director of Road Development Corporation (RDC) Moosa Ali Manik (Mookey) has once again accused the opposition of planning the multiple break-ins at the RDC office.
Mookey has previously accused the opposition of conducting the break-ins. During a program on RaajjeTV, he stated that he remains firm in his belief and that it is his responsibility to share such accusations with the authorities as he has received information on the opposition's plans.
Regarding the third break-in this year, the MD of RDC tweeted that he believes the opposition has been hiring people with criminal records to steal and damage office property. When questioned on the RaajjeTV program, he claimed that he looked into the matter and has discovered that the opposition is doing so to damage the reputations of state-owned enterprises and humiliate the government.
He divulged that break-ins are common in the area housing several office buildings and that he has been informed the main targets are state-owned enterprises. "We have to notify the authorities when we receive such information... So we will be the ones to speculate, and it is up to the opposition to clarify the allegations", he said, stressing that the opposition must respond.
However, he then stated the opposition is responding as there is some truth to allegations made by people such as himself. "The entirety of the opposition is responding to a claim made by a small child such as myself because there is some truth to it. Otherwise, there would be no reason to even care. Even though I say it is a speculation, it may be true... Why do they care if they had nothing to do with it?"
Despite his repeated allegations, police have revealed that their investigation did not find any evidence linking the break-ins to any political figure or political matter. The opposition has repeatedly falsified Mookey's accusations. The Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) has also listed RDC as a company with low financial capabilities.
RDC has been broken into three times this year. MVR 100,000 was stoked during the first break-in in April. MVR 3,000 was stolen a week later. The opposition has released a statement falsifying Mookey's claims that it is the opposition's plan to humiliate the government.