Sunday 29th Jan 2023
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MP Eva Abdullah

Parliament to Examine Whether Afghanistan's Situation Poses Danger to Maldives

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla has requested parliament to examine whether the situation in Afghanistan poses a threat to the Maldives.
In a letter, Eva requested Hithadhoo-North MP and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security Mohamed Aslam to determine whether the authorities have performed an assessment to determine the risk to the Maldives due to the current situation in Afghanistan.
If no assessments have been conducted, the Deputy Speaker has proposed the Committee to request the administrations to conduct the assessment.
Eva also appealed to the Committee to request relevant Maldivian authorities to take appropriate action to provide aid to those needing help, especially women and children in relation to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.
The 20-year conflict in Afghanistan concluded upon the departure of the country’s President Ashraf Ghani. The Taliban have now assumed control.
So far, the Taliban have revealed that their government intends to maintain international relations.