Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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MP Eva Abdullah

Crucial Showdown: No-Confidence Motion Against Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla Imminent

After prolonged postponements, the motion of no confidence targeted at Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla is slated to take center stage this Tuesday.
The motion, spearheaded by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) — the current holders of a legislative supermajority, was precipitated by Eva's departure from the party in the previous month.
However, despite the expiration of the 14-day formal notice delivered to Eva this Sunday, the motion had been conspicuously absent from the agenda, a consequence of lingering delays in the Parliament's General Purposes Committee's pivotal decisions.
Key Points to Consider:
- This no-confidence motion has been submitted by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which currently possesses a supermajority in the Parliament.
- The motion is a direct response to Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla's departure from the MDP last month.
- Though the 14-day notice period has expired, the motion was delayed due to key decisions pending within the Parliament's General Purposes Committee.
On Sunday, the Secretary-General of the Parliament, Fathimath Niusha, circulated a letter stating that while the time allocated for debate on the motion hasn't been established per Article 205 (g) of the Parliament's regulations, the motion must, according to Article 206, be incorporated into the agenda of the next sitting that falls on a working day, in line with Article 205 (c).
Thus, Niusha declared that the motion has accordingly been arranged on the docket for Tuesday.
In the words of Niusha, "In compliance with the provision stating that the motion must be arranged for the sitting on the following working day, I hereby affirm that the motion has been placed in the agenda for the parliamentary sitting scheduled for tomorrow."
The Parliament revealed that the tardiness in decisions by the General Purposes Committee can be attributed to a lack of reappointments to the committees, a repercussion of shifts in the Parliament's composition following the departure of 13 MDP MPs, including Abdulla, from the party last month.