Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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No Link between RDC Break-In, Politicians: Police

Police have stated that they found no link between the Road Development Corporation (RDC) break-ins and politicians. Managing Director of RDC Moosa Ali Manik (Mookey) has speculated the numerous break-ins are linked to the opposition.
The RDC office was broken into for the third time this year on August 14. Moosa tweeted that members of the opposition have been hiring people with criminal records to damage and steal from the RDC office.
Mookey observed that none of those arrested for the crime have been RDC employees, and that there are no thieves in RDC.
MVR 100,000 was stolen from RDC in April. About a week later, MVR 3,000 was stolen in the second break-in of the year.
Reporters have repeatedly questioned police regarding Moosa’s accusations against the opposition. A police spokesperson today stated that the investigation did not discover any link between the break-ins and political matters or political figures.