Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Velana International Airport

RDC Awarded All Road Related Work at Velana International Airport

The Road Development Corporation (RDC) has signed an agreement to take over all the work related to the construction and maintenance of the roads at Velana International Airport.
Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) Managing Director Ibrahim Shareef Mohammed signed the agreement on behalf of the company on Saturday, along with RDC Managing Director Ali Zuhair.
Under the agreement, RDC has been entrusted with projects such as the construction of airport roads, maintenance and repair of buildings, and line marking of roads.
In addition, the RDC has been tasked with maintaining the road drainage system, structural cleaning related to the system, as well as the cleaning of public areas, gates and other designated areas of the airport in accordance with the standards set by MACL.
MACL Managing Director Shareef said this is the first time the company has awarded such important to a Maldivian company.
RDC Managing Director Zuhair said it is very important to entrust significant projects to Maldivian companies. He described the assignment of the work to RDC as an important step towards enhancing the company's capacity.