Friday 1st Mar 2024
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MP Adam Shareef Umar

Must Determine Why Nasheed Unable to Return to Maldives: Adam Shareef

Parliament representative for Maduvvari constituency Adam Shareef Umar has stated that the parliament must determine why former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed is unable to return to the Maldives.
In a letter to parliament, Speaker Nasheed has requested an extension of his leave as he is hesitant to return to the Maldives until the investigation into the May 6 assassination attempt is complete, with those who planned and conducted the attack brought to justice and detained.
He has also reassured members of parliament that he will continue to serve the state and parliament despite remaining abroad.
Speaking on the letter's contents in parliament, Adam Shareef claimed it must be investigated whether Speaker Nasheed has decided never to return to the Maldives. He added that the parliament must examine the obstacles preventing Nasheed's return.
Based on the letter, Adam Shareef does not believe Nasheed will be able to fulfill the role of Parliament Speaker for the remainder of the year.
"I believe this is a dangerous situation for the country. Conducting parliament sessions without the Speaker is redundant according to parliament regulations", said Adam Shareef.
He reiterated it is incorrect to hold parliament sessions without the Parliament Speaker's contributions. He has stated that as Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) holds the parliament majority, a temporary Speaker should be assigned just as temporary members are elected for the Parliamentary Committee on National Security.