Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Govt Not Supportive of City Council: Mayor Muizzu

Male' City Mayor and former Home Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that although the Male' City Council has always supported the government to its full capabilities, the government has not been supportive of the city council.
While addressing the residents of Henveiru in accordance with the public meetings mandated by the Decentralisation Act, Dr. Muizzu stated that the council has cooperated with the government's every request, but the government has conducted several unwanted acts against the council's wishes.
"We have been cooperating with every request of the government and ministries... Why was the motorcycle parking zone in the former location of Dharumavantha School turned into a parking zone for cars? We don't want to do that. Why is parking prohibited near the Velaanaage office building? We don't want to do that either. But we had no choice, we did it in order to support the government as it sent a letter asking why were delaying it", said the mayor.
He further revealed that the government gave the council a short period to acquire the Dhandeheli land plot to construct a residence for a state executive. Dhandeheli rents out parking slots.
"We had to relocate them within a short duration. We decided there was no other way than to obtain a large portion of the former motorcycle parking zone in Dharumavantha School. So the cars were shifted there", Dr. Muizzu explained.
During the meeting, the former Housing Minister noted that the government has not always been supportive of the council, and acknowledged housing as the most pressing issue. He added that the council has received no government support despite repeated requests to change the Gulhifalhu land use plan as requested by the public.
"We're not getting any support from the government for anything... The most prominent issue is housing... I have been repeatedly telling the government and the president to change the Gulhifalhu land use plan as requested by the public. To obtain land for the residents of Male'. There has been no government support for this... I repeat, we have not been receiving any support from the government! But they say they will, so we have not lost hope. We are staying positive; I want to believe that they will do it".
The Male' City Council acts within its legal limitations and jurisdiction, and that the council will not attempt to affect any land outside its jurisdiction, Dr. Muizzu assured. He stated that the council will act within its powers, and that council will not touch any land that is not under its jurisdiction. Mayor Muizzu further assured that the council will operate according to the citizens' wishes.