Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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PGO to Mahloof: Office Not Unjust to Anyone

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO0 has responded to the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof’s against the PGO, the Asset Recovery Commission (ARC), and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).
Mahloof has been criticizing the PGO for taking an extended period of time to make a prosecution decision regarding the ACC’s request to prosecute him on suspicion of receiving a sum of money from the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations (MMPRC) corruption.
The Youth Minister has speculated that the prosecution decision is being delayed due to political influence. He claimed that those at the root of the matter intent to destroy him politically, and that Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem is aware of who they are.
Spokesperson for the PGO Public Prosecutor Ahmed Shafeeu stated today that the Office bases its decisions on facts and evidence, and the Office ensures that the evidence is lawfully obtained.
The PGO assured it would ensure that evidence in Mahloof’s case is acquired legally. Shafeeu added that the PGO has not acted unjustly towards anyone and that this case has not been left unconsidered.
According to Shafeeu, some cases take longer due to extra processes to be conducted with investigative authorities after the conclusion of the investigation. He said that Mahloof’s case is being delayed due to such processes, not because he is being differentiated.
“The suspect’s accusations against the Office may be their point of view as a suspect. The claims are inaccurate”, said the Public Prosecutor.
He assured that the PGO would never act unlawfully against anyone.
It has now been over two months since Mahloof was put on suspension after his case was sent to the PGO for prosecution. He has been urging the Office to speed up the prosecution decision.