Friday 1st Mar 2024
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MP Adam Shareef Umar

Failure to Reprimand Mahloof for Accusations Proves Absence of Lawful Leadership: Adam Shareef

Parliament representative for Maduvvari constituency Adam Shareef Umar has stated that failing to investigate and reprimand Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof for his accusations against the Presidents of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and Asset Recovery Commission (ARC) will prove the absence of a lawful leadership in the Maldives.
During the Havaasaa program hosted on Clubhouse by online news Vaguthu, Minister of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof revealed that he is in possession of chat logs that will discredit the President of ACC Mariyam Shiuna and President of ARC Ahmed Assad.
According to Mahloof, he has chat logs that will discredit their integrity. However, no further details were provided.
Referring to Mahloof’s statements, Adam Shareef tweeted today that the nation has fallen into a state where independent institutions and commissions fail to fulfill their responsibilities mandated by law.
Dismissing such statements made by Mahloof as a minister will prove the lack of lawful leadership in this country, said Adam Shareef.
Mahloof is currently under suspension for allegedly being in possession of funds stolen in the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations (MMPRC) corruption scandal. The minister continues to receive his salary and benefits two months into his suspension.